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Introducing the latest Malaysian Online Shopping Platform.

Tired of the disappointments from online shopping? Have you saw an item online that sounds too good to be true? Had your exceptional taste and sense of style rigged because of untruthful sellers? FEAR NOT!!

Grandeur Gifts is your new online premium gifts store. We feature only the best quality 100% fully direct factory imported products to Malaysia.

OWN it – We offer the best quality value for money products. If we do not like it, we will not sell it to you.

USE it – Customer Satisfaction is our NUMBER ONE priority. If we say it is certified safe for use, we have actual certification and stand by our claim

LOVE it – Online shopping is supposed to be a hassle free experience for everyone.. We guarantee you will love shopping with us. If you are not satisfied with the product because it is faulty, then return it. But do read our T&C and Return Policy.



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