Home Kitchen Knife Sharpener




Home Kitchen Knife Sharpener

A subtle kitchenware , the Home Kitchen Knife Sharpener that fits right in your palms with non-slip features by Casasunco. This Home Kitchen Knife Sharpener has a solid grip guiding the blade of your knives through a firm well-built knife slot. Takes away the metal on metal ticklish feeling as you sharpen your knives at your Home Kitchen in Malaysia.  For more information on this kitchenware send us a Message or Whatsapp us at https://wa.me/60173382061 for more details


Dimensions: 11.5cm (L)



– Stylish & Practical

– Firm Grip

– Non-Slip features

– Easy to Clean

– Does not change in Color

– Durable

– Eco Friendly

– Super Light Weight

– Non-Toxic


Holder Color: Blue, Pink

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